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Comm Set Up and Schedule


Joining sparklegrit means you agree to two things:

1) Posting your goals and your game plan in the Goal Post. Goals can be anything as vague as, Be healthier, to as specific as lose 20 pounds, run a marathon, and increase my vegetable consumption by 25%. Your goals do not have to be shared with the entire comm, however. I’ll leave the option to screen or unscreen them to you. The idea is to articulate what you’re setting out to accomplish. Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose, etc.

As far as the game plan goes- this is how you intend to accomplish your goals. If your goal is to lose weight, you might say you’re going to count food calories and exercise 3 days a week. If your goal is to walk every day, you could say, I’ll walk every day. Or you could say, I’ll set aside a half hour every night after dinner. Again, be as vague or specific as you like.

2) Sharing your progress (or lack thereof) on a weekly basis. Every Friday night, I’ll make a post asking what you’ve done this week to achieve your goal. You’ll have by Monday night to respond before I close the post. Like with the goal post, your progress reports can be as detailed or as vague as you like. You can link to a spreadsheet with all of your calorie intake and an exercise log and pictures of places you ran to. Or you can say, I practiced portion control and ate more high fiber foods and less processed ones. If you have a bad week, you can say that. You also don’t have to do Friday to Friday either- you can do Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday, or Monday to Monday. Whatever works for you.

The better track you keep of what you’re doing, the better you’ll be able to figure out what’s working and what’s not. And posting weekly means you’ll have some accountability to do something. Like with the goal posts, progress reports have the option of being screened.

If you don’t make your progress report for a week because you’re on vacation/forgot/were invaded by in-laws/meant to do it but didn’t get around to, that’s all fine. Ideally, you’d let me know in advance, but shit comes up. If I don’t hear from you in two weeks, I’ll pm you to ask what’s going on, and we’ll go from there.


However, the goal post and progress reports will not be the only things this comm consists of! There will also be support posts, resource sharing posts, fun posts, and posts to celebrate when someone achieves a major accomplishment (as defined by them, not by me). Support posts will be bi-weekly (Wednesdays and Sundays) and will be used to complain/share stories/crow about our successes/be off topic/hang out/goof off.

Weekly schedule will look something like this (subject to change of course)
Sunday: Support Post #1
Monday: Progress Report post from previous week closes
Tuesday: Sharing Post (each post will have a theme- resources, tips, recipes, music, etc)
Wednesday: Support Post #2 goes up
Friday: Weekly Progress Report post goes up
Saturday: Fun post (discussions, movie nights, etc)

Every two months I will also make a new goal post, in which we can re-evaluate whether or not our first goals were realistic and edit them if we please.

Right now I’m the only one allowed to post. I don’t want this to be a comm that clogs up people’s flists. I did make sglounge however, in case people feel like it is important and valuable to make their own posts/make posts requesting immediate support/show off cool things they found. Same rules apply there as apply here.
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