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Rules Post


1) Every body is valid and accepted. This is not a comm about being or getting thin. Some people may want to lose weight. But some people may want to gain weight. Some people might want to stay the same weight but eat more healthily and exercise more regularly. So no fatphobia. Conversely, no “real women have curves” shenanigans either. Real women come in all shapes, size, and bodies.

2) On that note, please leave your isms at the door. No sexism, no racism, no ableism, no homophobia, etc. I don’t anticipate this being a problem, and I think this is a small enough comm that it won’t be. But I’d like to have this on the books anyway.

3) Warn for triggers! This includes discussions of eating disorders. Obviously this is a topic that may come up, and I don’t want to dampen discussion of it, because I do think talking about it helps some people. But it may actively upsetting and harmful to others. So if it comes up, warn for it in the title of your post/comment.

4) What happens in sparklegrit stays in sparklegrit. We may end up sharing some private, emotional stuff. (Though you are under no obligation to share anything you’re uncomfortable with sharing.) Let’s not spread it around for all the internet to hear. And because of that, all entries to this comm will be locked.

5) Most importantly- be nice! Support each other! And have fun. (:

Punishments for breaking the rules will range from a warning to banning from the comm, depending on the severity of the violation. If I do ever feel forced to ban someone, there will definitely be a follow-up post which will explain what happened, the action I took, and why I took that action as well as a poll asking whether the comm agrees with my decision. If I seem to be in the wrong, I’ll reconsider and will possibly reinstate the banned member.

Finally, as an effort to make sure this doesn’t fail in a hailstorm of bad modding:

Every 2-3 months, I’ll deputize someone to make a post polling how I’m doing as a mod. If a majority of active members feel I am no longer doing well as a mod, I’ll step down and ask someone to step in and replace me.
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